Week 2 at Vero Pizza

Week 2 at Vero Pizza, the feedback from customers has been great! Many compliments have been made on our Nocciola Pizza! This pizza is embellished with Nutella, berries, bananas, miniature marshmallows and topped off with powdered sugar! This dessert not only tastes amazing but is also better for you than any regular ol' cake or pie slice. This pie is very innovative and a hit with every customer who has tried a slice! We had a great Friday night last week and were complimented with many guests who really enjoyed the fact that they can bring there own booze. There were some of who tried out our garlic Parmesan cheese herb wings, which have been a huge success as well! All in all week 2 has brought great compliments and is just the very beginning for Vero! Come down and try our two treasures, the garlic Parmesan cheese herb and dessert pizza!! You will not be disappointed!! Look forward to serving you.